practice what you preach 

there’s a reason I’m not religious

I’ve never met a Christian man

who didn’t have some sort of secret plan

to shame me and make me submissive 

Manipulate your way into my head just to crawl inside my bed

and pretend you really just want to cuddle 

you want me to kneel on the pew and pray

Hail Mary’s muffled by your Adam in my mouth

Raven, darling, you don’t have to beg for forgiveness

it didn’t last long enough to reach the heavens

not even the neighbors

you will never be my savior

 I don’t need to be saved

–fragments running through my head while you were running through the door

an attempt to slam (to be continued)

your marble eyes caramelized my insides

but i remind you of a clandestine

english major with a trust fund

a snail sitting on the trigger of a shot gun

even after everything you put me through

in a sea of people my eyes still scan for you

suffocating in a crowded room

waiting but where the fuck were you